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Taking the COLD out of the Call

Just the phrase “COLD call” sends shivers down the spines of the less driven, successful, or just plain afraid “new to experienced” Sales professional. Some embrace this tactic as a necessary evil, some forge ahead with the hope multiples of Cold Calls will turn into a sale or a client. Some avoid them at all costs, but I can tell you from experience and observation of the most talented, successful Sales Professionals across a variety of categories, including Media sales, it’s those that take the COLD out of the call that see the most substantive results. It’s as easy as researching your prospect, becoming educated on their business, industry, the challenges they face, and then conveying potential solutions you have to help them overcome these. LinkedIn is an effective tool at taking the COLD out of the call and it’s all about the CONNECTIONS and offer of value. Your connections have connections with business you want to connect with. Warm intro’s, referrals, a shared article, examples of other businesses you’ve helped to achieve a return on their advertising investment are all key to warming up that initial point of contact. It’s not easy, but nothing in the Sales Profession is. The rewards are worth it though!

Article courtesy of Paul Farina, Retail Sales Manager, BC South.
Paul has been in radio advertising sales for close to 20 years, starting in Vancouver and moving to the Okanagan Valley in 2004.