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Radio Production

We’re #1” means. We offer the most reach.

Consumers are behaving differently and have ever higher expectations. An insatiable appetite for content has propelled us into the future, driving technological innovation and generating demand for more robust infrastructure and integrated digital ecosystems.

The ability to stream radio online opens up a world of radio options, literally. However, the majority (61%) still choose to stream radio stations from their local area.

Radio remains the only easily available audio option that can provide local surveillance like news, weather, sports, and traffic. It also provides locally relevant celebrities who can draw and hold listeners in the form of its announcers. Radio has understood the benefit of these offerings to listeners and has been investing in them to provide a point of difference versus the “international” streaming services.

Smaller clients need efficiency and radio can offer that. Radio offers advertisers a number of benefits from integrated audio ads to banners on apps, online audio streams. Radio is immediate and close to the point of purchase. It costs less too. On a market-by-market basis, it costs far less than television. Creative production costs are far lower than for TV too and in many cases are negligible, especially if the stations purchased to produce the commercials. Because creative is inexpensive, multiple executions and time-sensitive spots can be scheduled.

People remember radio ads!

Want to advertise on radio but don’t have creative? Contact Radio Advertising BC and we can help you with everything from developing a creative brief to getting the spot made.



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