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R is for Radio, R is for Recruiting – By Mike Stanley

Radio for recruitment

The single biggest issue I hear from my clients is finding and retaining good people. The traditional ways of reaching potential employees either aren’t available or less effective. 

In years past, you could put a sign in the window or an ad in the classifieds. Although still possible, it doesn’t tend to attract the most ideal fit for some companies. 

Your next new employee may very well be sitting in your competitor’s office, shop or store.   That’s where Radio can help. 

A good recruitment Radio campaign will not only reach people who may be looking for a job, but also those that may not be happy in their current situation. 

We all know, people get comfortable in a routine. However, there are employees every day that wake up and go to work without giving another opportunity much thought. An effective Radio campaign with good frequency and a clear message may help you speak to those people and pique their curiosity.  Create the dream of what a new opportunity may bring and you will attract a new, and different kind of applicant.