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When it comes to radio in the Okanagan, it reaches almost everyone. 77% of the Okanagan valley were reached with radio yesterday. In comparison television reached 82% while Internet reached 76%. These radio listeners are different ages and genders, have different educations and incomes, are in different life-stages, and live different lifestyles.

It is because of this diversity that there are many different types of radio stations. In the Okanagan we have different radio stations, these stations connect with groups of listeners such as men, women, professionals, Baby Boomers, Millennial’s, News fans, political watchers, and so on.

Radio advertising places you at the top of potential customers minds, and the tips of their tongue. Through frequency and consistency radio allows you to connect with your potential customers so when life happens customers will think of, and feel best about you and your business. Radio uses the power of the human voice to motivate and persuade potential customers to do business with you. And Radio can spread the word faster, more effectively and more economically than any other media.

As the world’s media consumption habits have changed in relation to television viewing, Internet usage, daily newspaper and how you consume your news, radio consumption has remained steady. In a recent Neilsen Catalina Solutions study, radio advertising delivered an average of $6.21 for every $1.00 invested.

Choosing a radio station to advertise with comes with an understanding of your target customer, and the radio stations audience. Each radio station in the Okanagan is branded and programmed to reach different audiences and their interests. For maximum effectiveness, advertise on a station that matches the target demographic for your product or service.

For example, if you’re selling farm equipment, a country station is a better choice than the local top 40 station. If selling women’s clothing, a station with lots of women listeners is a better choice than an all-sports station.

When choosing a station it is also important to understand how effective they are at reaching your potential customer. Numeris is the official market research body for Canada’s radio industry. Connect with us and we will help you determine which radio station aligns with your business.

The answer depends on how long you plan to be in business.  Experts say “never start an advertising campaign with the intention of ever stopping.” Successful advertising campaigns are frequent, regular and consistent.

It varies by industry, but the general rule of thumb is to spend 2-5% of your gross. If you’re grossing $100k and want to gross $300k, you must spend like you’re already grossing $300k.

The digital age of advertising and marketing has leveled the playing field for a local business. A business established and rooted in your market for over 35 years can lose online search results placement to a business established a matter of months ago.

In today’s marketing world your advertising mix can be defined in two distinct areas.

1. The actions and investment you make to be found online.
2. The actions and investment you make to be sought after.

Being found online, delivering a strong online experience, and strong search result placement are key areas of focus every business needs to make today. Where radio advertising works in today’s digital marketing and advertising world is having you sought after.

Radio allows you to reach your potential customers before they need you, and establish your brand. As a result of effective and consistent radio advertising your customers will search directly for you (a branded search).